During my childhood, my parents renovated several old houses and collected antique furniture. I grew up exploring salvage yards, antique emporiums and flea markets and with all kinds of restoration going on around me, which I loved to help with wherever I could. I recall the excitement of helping my parents find the perfect piece of furniture for a certain spot in our family home - and a sense of awe, imagining the life it had before we found it.

Fast-forward two or three decades, with several house renovations of my own under my belt and three children in tow, and it is no surprise to find me where I am today! - in my design studio at my home in Brighton, professionally salvaging, restoring and reinventing old furniture.

Mid Century furniture designers pushed new boundaries and blurred the line between form and function with effortless style and simplicity - all those smooth lines and curves sit just as well now in our contemporary homes, old blending perfectly with new. My passion lies with furniture from this era - I am brimming with knowledge, and will talk endlessly about it, given the chance!

My restyled Mid Century pieces feature stunning restored woodgrain, precise, hand-painted geometric designs and sumptuous decoupage prints - unique and luxurious statement furniture, to reflect your individual style. I am a member of The House of Upcycling, partnered with the British Institute of Interior Design; I have years of industry experience and have honed my skills to a point that no piece, no matter how it has been used, loved or neglected over the years, will phase me. I treat each piece as an individual canvas - my aim is not to erase the history completely, rather to embrace it; if possible restoring, usually reimagining the original aesthetic, using only the highest quality products, paints and papers - so that they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

Do get in touch if you have any particular furniture requests, along the lines of anything you see on these pages. I'd love to work with you to create a stunning statement piece for your home. 

Emma x